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    The Global Shaper Community


    The Global Shapers Community is a network of dynamic, entrepreneurial and socially-engaged young leaders aged between 20 and 30 from across the world. Since 2011, when the community was first founded, more than 3,000 Global Shapers have joined the Community. They are organized into city-based Hubs and have committed to working together to make a positive and tangible impact through local projects in over 300 cities. So far, more than half of all Hubs have established local initiatives aimed at tackling some of the most pressing problems in their communities.

    Shapers are highly motivated individuals who have a great potential for future leadership roles in society. They are selected on the basis of their achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to make a difference. Through the Global Shapers Community, Shapers are provided with opportunities to connect with the worldwide network of Global Shapers, to network with other World Economic Forum communities, and to represent the voice of youth at World Economic Forum events. Shapers are united by a common desire to channel the members’ tremendous energy and enthusiasm into building a more peaceful and inclusive world.

    The Global Shapers Community is one of several multi-stakeholder communities at the World Economic Forum. Other communities include the Young Global Leaders, the Global Agenda Councils, and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs.

  • About

    Shapers in America's Finest City, San Diego


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    The Global Shaper San Diego Hub

    The Global Shapers San Diego Hub was developed and is led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievement and their drive to make a contribution to their community. 

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  • Projects

    This is how we're serving our San Diego - Tijuana community.



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    Ideas Without Borders


    TEDxMonumento258 explores the history of a region that's been divided for 167 years and examine the future of the CaliBaja MegaRegion.


    San Diego / Tijuana Border




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    Hera Venture Summit

    Building Binational Bridges


    One-day intensive event aimed at equipping and connecting female founders and female funders.


    San Diego / Tijuana


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    Binational Reach


    Urban farms focused on supporting the displaced community of deportees through self-sustaining local-organic farming.


    San Diego / Tijuana






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    Women's Entrepreneurship Day



    A movement to empower, celebrate and support women entrepreneurs worldwide - a United Nations initiative.


    San Diego / Worldwide


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    Impact SD

    Committed to binational impact


    Impact San Diego aims to bring clarity and rigor to the term impact, while creating tangible opportunities and a common sense of purpose among its stakeholders and member community. The geographic scope of the work, the offerings, the community, and the impact is the San Diego/CaliBaja region.


    San Diego / Tijuana


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    Young AEM San Diego

    Binational expansion to the Mexican Entrepreneur Association


    Young AEM San Diego aims to connect young Entrepreneurs in a local level and promote new businesses and ventures within San Diego.


    San Diego / Tijuana 


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    Collective 1939

    Co-Working Space

    Co-working accelerator for innovators from tech to the creative arts with strong emphasis on collaboration.

    San Diego


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    Next Gen Leaders Conference

    Leadership conference for next generation - IN PROGRESS

    The Next Gen Leaders Conference will help young leaders to discover their purpose and see how they become a positive influence in the lives of those they lead; and grow the pool of leaders who will transform the city and bring effective change.


    San Diego


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    SD Economic Dev Zone

    San Diego Economic Development Zone - IN PROGRESS


    Economic Development, and creating a community hub for artistic, business, and academic development.


    San Diego


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    San Diego Havana Connection

    San Diego / Cuba Cross Mentorship Program - IN PROGRESS

    Work with and develop relationships with Cuban and multinational entrepreneurs. Focus areas: technology and engineering.


    San Diego / Havana


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    City Challenge Hackathon

    Hackathon - IN PROGRESS


    We are bringing high impact individuals together to improve the likelihood of success for a civic campaigns.


    San Diego


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    SD-TJ Fun Run 5K 

    Binational Race - IN PROGRESS 

    An open invitation for both sides to physically see the other side of the border and gain cross-cultural understanding through fitness.


    San Diego / Tijuana



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    Before I Die, San Diego

    Community Development - IN PROGRESS



    Before I Die aims to raise awareness of other's (in the community) dreams and goals.



    San Diego


  • WED SD Highlights

    A Global Shaper San Diego Hub project, in collaboration with UN Women's Women's Entrepreneurship Day.

  • Shapers

    We're here to serve our community.



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    Amber Brandner

    Global Shaper Curator'16


    Producer at Connected Dreamers


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    Mia Mian

    Global Shaper Co-Curator'16 



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    Lolita M Taub

    Global Shaper San Diego Curator'15 & Advisor


    International Social Entrepreneur

    Tech Multinational Intrapreneur




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    Regina Bernal

    Global Shaper San Diego Co-Curator'15 & Advisor 


    Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning Coordinator

    broken image

    Mario C Lopez

    Global Shaper San Diego Curator'14 & Advisor


    Mexico-US Binational Entrepreneur

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    Andrea Byrd

    Global Shaper Member & Press VP


    Executive Vice President of University Affairs at San Diego State University

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    Lauren Avenius

    Global Shaper Member & Monthly Meeting VP


    Strategic Operations & Communications

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    Elizabeth Kocek

    Global Shaper Member & Partnerships VP


    Master of Advanced Studies in International Affairs

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    Roberto Garcia

    Global Shaper Member


    Urban Development

    broken image

    Pedro Morales

    Global Shaper Member & Social Events VP


    Mexico-US Binational Entrepreneur

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    Paul Sohn

    Global Shaper Member & Social Media VP


    Leadership Transformation Consultant, Author, and Speaker

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    James Halliday

    Global Shaper Member & Partnerships VP


    Incubators, Accelarators & Startups

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    Daniela Pardo

    Global Shaper Member & Finance VP



    Corporate Social Responsibility & Marketing Consultant


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    Pamela Alexander

    Global Shaper Member, Advisor, & HR VP


    Public Relations & Project Management Professional

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    Caitlin Trimble

    Global Shaper Member, Tijuana Hub Liaison & Press/Legal VP


    Intellectual Property Paralegal and International Business Specialist

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    Amanda A. Toombs

    Official Global Shaper Mentor

    Social Impact
    Social Capital
    Social Policy

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